About Us

With a combined capacity of 4,55,000 TPA, JK Paper, a unit of JK Organisation is India’s largest producer of Branded Papers and a leading player in Coated Papers and High-end Packaging Boards.  The Company began its journey more than half a century ago with 18,000 tons per annum capacity paper plant. It has grown over the years and maintained its quality leadership position.

When Paper industry was content with producing ordinary Cream Wove quality, JK pioneered in 1962 the Surface sized Maplitho Paper (popularly came to be called ‘JK Maplitho’ – a premium quality printing paper ideally suited for the Litho Printing process. ‘JK Maplitho’ became Industry Benchmark.

JK Paper has been constantly creating value in a highly capital intensive and cyclical business, where volume is traditionally considered as Key profit driver. Most companies concentrated on increasing capacity, JK Paper responded with a Brand driven strategy, with customer at its heart.

JK Paper was among the earliest to invest in state-of-the-art A4 cutting lines for mass production of these products.

JK Paper is synonymous with premium quality paper, which is reflected in customer’s trust in its products enjoying the ‘Brand’ status among its competitors. JK Copier’s status as the largest selling multifunctional office paper is not by chance but its efforts over the years.