JK Paper & Environment

Our thrust on environment is visible in various eco-friendly processes at our plant sites for production of pulp and paper. This is done by adopting modern technology and process innovations.

The farm forestry development program, started in 1991, has created employment and livelihood opportunities for significant number of people even as the company sources its raw material requirement from the farm forestry on low-productive land.

Through its R&D work, we have developed a large number of improved varieties. These provide 2-3 times higher yield as compared to traditional seed route plantations.

  • Continuously pursuing enriching the green cover through its Social Farm Forestry drive
    • Till date in excess of 81000 Ha of land has been planted covering states of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra & West Bengal
    • On average it has added 7000 Ha annually to its plantation drive by distributing over 40 million saplings to farmers
    • This farm forestry activity since 1990 has cumulatively provided income for over 45,000 farmers
  • Have signed an Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) with the Bio Carbon Fund of the World Bank covering 3500 Ha mainly owned by small and marginal farmers associated with JK Paper's plantation program. This program provides additional income for participating farmers, besides reducing harmful green house gases and global warming
  • Better technology, Process innovation, Recycling, Re-use and minimizing Waste-water discharge has helped significantly reduce fresh water consumption & effluent generation per metric ton of paper in recent years


JK Paper & Society

  • Schools - Three schools providing education to over 3000 students with significant portion of them from SC & ST
  • Adult Literacy Programme enabling - 3250 illiterate to become literate.
  • Adoption/ Upgradation of Industrial Training Institute ( ITI), Ukai, Gujarat under PPP route:Providing training in line with industry requirements. Close to 425 students trained in various trades
  • Organising regular General/Disease specific Health Check up camps at the peripheral villages near the factory sites.
  • Providing Financial assistance and support to District Administration for organising 'Swasthya Mela' (Health Fair)
  • Helping tribal mothers to benefit from Janani Surakhya Yojana
  • To improve quality of life of rural poor in and around our Mills by helping them to organise self help group. Recognising the good work, Banks coming forward with loans to build confidence of SHGs & help them scale up their income generating activities.


JK Paper & People

Great companies are the result of motivated employees who act as leaders in their own sphere of work to drive the Company into the future. At JK Paper, we have always believed that true leadership is about developing leaders at all levels. Because it is they, who with their passion, initiative and teamwork, anticipate change and lead their Company towards higher goals. Perhaps that is why, despite our 50 years in the business and a mindset that cherishes human values, we remain young, vibrant and ever alive to the challenges of today.

Extensive investments are made toward people and people practices. Fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship has enabled JK Paper to be the "change leader" in the Indian paper industry.

Talent pool at JK Paper would rank among the very best in the Indian Paper Industry today.

As we march forward to take on the challenges of tomorrow, it is these self-motivated individuals of JK Paper who are leading the journey of change from the forefront.


JK Paper & Technology

Over the last decade the constant endeavour of JK Paper has been to upgrade its manufacturing processes at grass-root levels to help create customer value. Be it the most modern Pulp Mill or an automatic cut-size line for branded products, it has been a saga of continuous process development with an eye on the customer.

JK Paper Ltd. has always leveraged technology for constant product upgradation and has been a pioneer in many arenas, of the paper industry. Some of the landmarks which JK Paper achieved much before the rest of the Indian paper companies are:-

These pioneering moves have given JK Paper pride of place as the change leader, ushering in a phase of complete makeover in the Indian paper market. On the pathway of moving focus from commodity to branded and high value categories, JK Paper Ltd. has undergone major technical upgradation in the machines and processes for manufacturing paper.

The Company has a world class Enterprise Resource Planning system. This transformational technology enables to bring together best practices across all functions of the organization to deliver highest value to all external and internal customers.

JK Paper & Quality

The Company's commitment and success in delivering high quality products and services to customers has been a major reason for its attaining and retaining a leadership position in the Indian Paper Industry. JK Paper's obsession towards Quality and Customer Satisfaction is reflected in understanding and fulfilment of expectations of the customers, big or small. This in turn has been a key factor in its growth and the advantage that the Company has been able to build over the years in terms of a wide and loyal distribution network.

JK Paper became the first Indian Company to produce and sell ColorLok copier paper in India. This exclusive tie up with HP, helps us in bringing in world class printing paper for the increasingly demanding India customers.

The Company continues to conduct regular audit for its quality standards and customer satisfaction through research conducted in-house and also by an independent agency. This helps it to be in constant touch with changing customer preferences and develop its products to stay well ahead of the curve.

In all its product segments, JK commands an undisputed Quality leadership position in the Industry. No wonder, with quality being a way of life at JK Paper, we do not attempt to restrict quality to a mere definition.