Advertisement & promotions

In order to provide information about our products and services and to constantly stay close to our customers, JK Paper Ltd. has been practicing a wide range of advertising and promotional activities.


JK Paper Ltd. regularly advertises in Magazines, radio and internet to ensure that our valuable customers and business partners are kept informed and updated about the innovations and improvements we bring about in our products and services.

Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programmes are one of the ways to reward our business partners for their association with the Company as well as for showing trust and confidence in us and our products. In line with this, we have been running a trade loyalty programme since 2005-06 called JK Paper SuperSitare Trade Relationship Programme. This Programme is the first of its kind in the Indian Paper Industry.

Free sample distribution

Free samples are mostly distributed to our customers to generate awareness and then product trials through sampling of our various retail brands.

Point-of-sale displays

Special displays using Danglers, Posters etc. are being done to display product features and other information about our retail products in and around our retail counters to generate awareness.

National Consumer Promotion Schemes

We periodically conduct national level sales promotion schemes, of limited duration, to incentivise our product sales among customers. These schemes are in various forms like gifts through scratch card coupons or lucky draws.