Speciality Paper

We offer a range of Speciality Paper

JK MICR Cheque Paper


  • High Quality water-marked for security & authenticity
  • Long Lasting & Strong Paper with security features as per RBI & IBA guidelines

    End Uses

  • Used for making Cheques


  • Standard Sizes in Reels & Sheets
  • Gsm- 95

JK Parchment Paper


  • Long Lasting & Strong Paper

    End Uses

  • Certificate, shares & bonds, archival records


  • Standard Sizes in Sheets & Reels
  • Gsm- 80 - 105

Cedar Digital

JK Envelope

  • Features : Excellent strength with folding properties
  • End Uses : Envelope and wedding cards
  • Availability : White, NS and BUFF in both Reel and Sheet

JK Carry

    • Features : High Strength, good printable surface, high bright white / natural shade

  • End Uses -Paper Carry bag
  • Availability Available in reel and sheet

JK Tally

  • Features : High smooth, better smooth, Bright white paper which retains crease for use in accounts book
  • End Uses : Accounts book, Printing applications
  • Availability : Reel and sheet

JK Fab Print

  • Features- High smoothness, Dirt & specks free, base paper for Sublimation printing.
  • End Uses - Garment Printing, Screen printing,
  • Availability - Reel order

JK Stiffner


  • Stiffener Paper is used for soap wrappers, can be poly extruded
  • Natural shade
  • Meet ARSR specifications
  • Customized product for soap wrapper application
  • End Uses

  • Soap Wrapper (Interleaving Layer)
  • Availability

  • Available in reel and sheet