JK Paper & Technology

Over the last decade the constant endeavour of JK Paper has been to upgrade its manufacturing processes at grass-root levels to help create customer value. Be it the most modern Pulp Mill or an automatic cut-size line for branded products, it has been a saga of continuous process development with an eye on the customer.

JK Paper Ltd. has always leveraged technology for constant product upgradation and has been a pioneer in many arenas, of the paper industry. Some of the landmarks which JK Paper achieved much before the rest of the Indian paper companies are:-

These pioneering moves have given JK Paper pride of place as the change leader, ushering in a phase of complete makeover in the Indian paper market. On the pathway of moving focus from commodity to branded and high value categories, JK Paper Ltd. has undergone major technical upgradation in the machines and processes for manufacturing paper.

The Company has a world class Enterprise Resource Planning system. This transformational technology enables to bring together best practices across all functions of the organization to deliver highest value to all external and internal customers.